Frosted Berries

I'm blueberry addicted. I like soooo much the color, smell and taste of them... Do you want to know my favorites are? I'm crazy for
... fresh berries with milk and sugar
... blueberry cheesecake
... blueberry muffins definitely at Starbucks
... handmade blueberry soap
... blueberry body butter from The Body Shop!

Time ago I found wonderful vintage beads and decided to create a piece. Here is the result!
 I've used three large frosted Lucite Daffodils, four wonderful Angel Trumpets, Glass and Lucite leaves, clear an matte Czech glass Flower Bells, Snow Jade and Mountain Jade round beads, frosted Glass Hearts, plenty of Swarovski and absolutely gorgeous VINTAGE BLUEBERRIES!
The chain Sterling Silver filled and the bracelet is finished off the Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.

My recent work where I've used berry thematic is bracelet and earrings set.
Swarovski Crystals, Mountain Jade rounds, four large frosted polished Czech glass rounds, frosted white and soft green Czech glass leaves, silvertone tiny Heart Charms and as Cranberries - Czech crackle glass beads. All charms are hand-wired onto Sterling Silver filed chain and finished off the Tibetan Silver Toggle Clasp.
The earrings have Sterling Silver earwires.


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