Ice Flowers

"... Little Marie was sitting near the fireplace and trying to remember her favorite Christmas song. Everything around was sleeping in deep silence, just The Fire was telling a story about Dancing Sparkles.
Suddenly a soft knock fall on Marie's ears and she turned to window. The little girl came closer and carefully opened a curtain.
- Oh! - Marie's eyes opened. - So gorgeous work, Mr. Frost!
 All window was painted with Iridescent White Ice Flowers... "

 I wish you to see this wonder on your window at Christmas.
I'd love to see it too, but... Mr. Frost keeps of Portugal...

Have a wonderful weekend!


Amber Heart

I like couple songs of Celine Dion and "My Heart Will Go On" is one of them. Many years ago when I watched "Titanic" I thought: "Oh... so wonderful love story. If I'd feel something like that I'd be agree to die there.." Funny, isn't it?

So... Let me introduce the "Amber Heart" - created underneath the wings of the song.