Treasure Chest


As I'm mad of vintage goods for a while, I've decided to make some renovation at home this year. So this is a time for looking around what I really wish to see here. Many thoughts, many ideas, too less time to do everything I have to... and between several "must do" I've stoled a piece of time to create one small keepsake box.
Isn't it cute?

Have a nice weekend!!!


Session with Mis Giraffe

This bracelet I made time ago, but due the rain couldn't take a picture as I like. Thanks God the Sun is shining and seems Portugal will not drown more...

I adore Swarovski beads and usually top up my jewelry pieces with them. Swarovski Crystals are amazing sparkly (nothing compares to) and the Pearls have wonderful high class sheen, very close to freshwater pearls.

Here I've used Swarovski Night Blue Pearls in 4 different sizes - this piece seems like a warmer sister of the Blueberries on Ice :) or cousin, Black Currant... My two-years-old son says those are grapes:) So... which kind of berries they could be???



Sale on Etsy

Here in Portugal, today is the first day without rain and the Sun shows her shiny smile. I just wanted to celebrate it!
Two of my jewelry items are on sale - 20 percent off the regular price.

1. Winter Crocus Earrings

2. Live. Love. Laugh. Necklace and Earrings set.