A Priori. Victoriana Rosette Brooch


"A priori" what meaning is  "from what comes before" in Latin...
 Very old (I guess it's from 1960's) black/brown tattered fabric ruffles in two layers, black polymer clay cabochon (that's made in the same technique as I described HERE, but without printed image), impressive antique gold tone filigree stamping (made in nowadays from very old stamping tool) and embroidered small beads (they come from beaded necklace, 1950's).
 This pin/brooch would be very cute embellishment for jacket, blouse, also hat or purse.



Lady in Blue. Marie Antoinette

The bracelet I've made to combine silver and antique brass tones to create more aged look. Here you can find some nice Tibetan silver charms - butterfly, shoe (I love it!) and two Bali style round beads. I've attached beautiful puff heart made from very old Victorian stamping tool, but the picture doesn't show the beauty so clear...

 I adore filigree bead caps!!! They look like wonderful vintage lace. If you combine them in several layers, attach your favorite beads, you can get stunning vintage flowers. Or just wrap a bead. Here is an example how it looks like on one of my bracelets.

The wonderful Agua Swirl Lampwork beads time ago I bought on River Oak Acres Lampwork Beads, I'd recommend them - their beads are really beautiful and superb quality. Also here I've attached my favorite Swarovskies, they are a part of almost all of my creations:)
The picture of Marie Antoinette I found on the The Graphics Fairy site (thanks Karen!), put it on a Tibetan silver photo frame charm and covered with several layers of Amazing Glaze Embossing Powder.I like to use this because of glossy finish. As I work with polymer clay a lot, sometimes I use Fimo liquid clay. That works as well for projects you need matte finish.

Soon the bracelet and matching earrings will be available on my ETSY store and you have a chance to get 10% off the price as long as "Lady in Blue. Marie Antoinette" will stay on the store, just tell me your wish:)

And... as I'm blogger-baby I'm so exited to participate in The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday link party!!!

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Kisses from windy Portugal!


Vintage Floral Brooch and Crackled Cabochon DIY Guide

Sometimes it's very difficult to find nice cabochons (or other kind of supplies) in the market. Most of them are Made in China and you can see them everywhere. That's because I make many trinkets for jewelry creations by myself. Sure it takes a huge part of daily time, but at least I know that it will be exactly I wish to see.
I adore polymer clay and to create beads is one of my favorite hobbies. Usually I make sculpted flowers, but also work with Millefiori technique for my beads. I like to use stamps, inks, mica powders, acrylic paints etc. to model beads and charms. One of my last time favorite finish is crackle sealer. A crackle finish gives to the piece really nice Vintage look. As you see on the picture, I've used it here.
I'll tell you a bit about the cabochon creating process...

It is necessary to have metal or plastic shape cutter to make the correct shape, without it will be free-form piece, no cabochon. There are two ways to make cabochon: 1. at first you have to cut the cabochon shape from a white (or black, or ...) polymer clay sheet. You may spend a lot of your precious time to use the fingers to make the bulb and refine the edges or 2. you operate with absolutely unique Yettas Cabochon Technique. I found it time ago and I'm so happy to know!! It's really quick and effective method.

Next step is curing (about 30 min). While your cabochon stay in the oven, you choose your favorite picture, resize it to desired size and print out. Then take your scissors and cut out the form.

After the curing time ends let your cabochon to cool in the oven.

Now is coming the most boring and the most important part - sanding. You may skip it, but... the piece will be unfinished and will have a pretty cheap look. Usually I sand at first with coarse sandpaper, after medium, last - very fine sandpaper. Sometimes I start with medium, it depends of how even (smooth) is your creation.

When it's done, glue the picture on the sanded cabochon and leave it for a time. I like to use E-6000 for projects like that and it takes about 1-2 hours to dry before a finish glaze.

After applying the crackle finish leave it drying overnight.

And the last step - if you like, the cabochon can be antiqued with matching stain. Here I've used Renaissance Gold Wax.

Voilá! The Vintage style cabochon is ready to use.

As the picture shows, my cabochon became the element of pinky, feminine Vintage Brooch with organza ruffles...

Flowers on the picture are courtesy from Vintage Catnip. Also great free images you can find at The Graphics Fairy and Shabby Chic Papirskatter.


Spring Flowers

The Spring is coming. Here is a Carnival now and this is a time for wearing unbelievable magnificent costumes, so colorful and shining, sparkling like firework...
My spring usually comes with Spring Flowers. I adore Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils... and Snowdrops!!! Snowdrops (I hope it's a correct name in English) are so gorgeous for me. I remember one fairy tale I loved when I was child - it was about one little girl who had to bring the Snowdrops to her evil step mother in December.
While I'm waiting for the first Spring Crocuses in my yard, I'm making some flower beads. Since now they will be available in my ETSY SHOP
Have warm and blessed day!


Green Orchid Ring

One quick photo post...



In My Secret Life. Personalized Vintage Monogram Charm Necklace

It's time to start to create something personalized. I wish to offer an opportunity for my darling customers to get a special piece - personalized vintage monogram charm necklace.
As that's my new service I propose, my blog readers will get 10% discount for this necklace on my ETSY SHOP , just contact me!


I suppose every woman has something in her secret life...
Isn't it?


Vintage Lace Chokers

The Dusty Rose I've made from 2 inches (5cm) wide wonderful black nylon lace trim, embroidered with small dusty rose glass pearls and as centerpiece I've attached hand sculpted Fimo polymer clay bead. The Rose is sculpted from three tones dusty pink clay with some touch of pearly finish glaze and decorated with organza and lace ribbon.

Another choker - Mademoiselle Solange - I create to use one of my last time favorite color. As you can see, it's warm warm green. I'd like to call this color olivine green, but also heard it's called celery green. Do you have some ideas what color is it?
I've decorated the cameo setting with some sparkle Swarovski crystals and cute little key charm, attached handmade Fimo cameo. The lace trim is 1 1/2 inches wide.

And the BEST NEWS!!! If you read this and would like to buy one of the Vintage Chokers, during one month you will receive 10% discount on my ETSY SHOP, just send me a message...



Red Anemone Necklace

Here is hand sculpted Fimo polymer clay hot red anemone bead, black Onyx rounds linked together with brass wire and aged brass chain.
The chain is adjustable, so it's possible to choice a favorite length - to wear like a choker or leave it long.