Spring Flowers

The Spring is coming. Here is a Carnival now and this is a time for wearing unbelievable magnificent costumes, so colorful and shining, sparkling like firework...
My spring usually comes with Spring Flowers. I adore Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils... and Snowdrops!!! Snowdrops (I hope it's a correct name in English) are so gorgeous for me. I remember one fairy tale I loved when I was child - it was about one little girl who had to bring the Snowdrops to her evil step mother in December.
While I'm waiting for the first Spring Crocuses in my yard, I'm making some flower beads. Since now they will be available in my ETSY SHOP
Have warm and blessed day!


  1. Oh,dear Diana!-)*

    You are absolutely riht about spring flowers...the are gorgious and SO teder,SO nice as a spring!-)))

    I like crocuses and giacintus,here in Netherland the are many,many flowers coming very soon!!!

    Have a warm and lovely day,dear!-)***

    With Love,

  2. OMG, Diana! No wonder you like my designs...we are such similar creatures! I love your work and will follow your blog, too.

    Beautiful, beautiful designs....can't see what you have in store for the future....