Vintage Lace Chokers

The Dusty Rose I've made from 2 inches (5cm) wide wonderful black nylon lace trim, embroidered with small dusty rose glass pearls and as centerpiece I've attached hand sculpted Fimo polymer clay bead. The Rose is sculpted from three tones dusty pink clay with some touch of pearly finish glaze and decorated with organza and lace ribbon.
VoilĂ !

Another choker - Mademoiselle Solange - I create to use one of my last time favorite color. As you can see, it's warm warm green. I'd like to call this color olivine green, but also heard it's called celery green. Do you have some ideas what color is it?
I've decorated the cameo setting with some sparkle Swarovski crystals and cute little key charm, attached handmade Fimo cameo. The lace trim is 1 1/2 inches wide.

And the BEST NEWS!!! If you read this and would like to buy one of the Vintage Chokers, during one month you will receive 10% discount on my ETSY SHOP, just send me a message...



  1. Dear Diana!-)It's me again...
    You make wonderful things!-)
    I like you style very much!


  2. Ahh Diana..these new pieces are simply stunning! I love your Vintage Spring pieces so much..so delicate and lovely. One day I'm going to surprise you and do some shopping at your Etsy shop.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend!

    Blessings, Love and Friday Sunshine, Terri

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