Four things happened in this Wonderful Weekend

This weekend I feel like a bird on the sky!!! At first, finally Mr. Spring arrived to Portugal. Weather is so sunny and warm, flowers are blooming around and I feel my heart is beating faster:)

Second, I did have enough energy, time and wish to start a kitchen chairs makeover this weekend. I'm so proud! Two of them are sanded and... do you know what did I discover??? It's not necessary to make faux finish on them!!! After sanding they look gorgeous. I will skip priming, painting and staining! That's wonderful, what do you think?!

Third, my Spring flowers centerpiece is almost ready. I've work with air drying polymer clay to make the flowers and I swear... as soon as possible I'll put the picture here:)

And fourth wonder... I've got my First Blog Award!!! Such a happiness!!! Amazing talented artist, very nice and friendly girl Violetta from the VM Creation Studio - Atelier honored me... Thank you so very much, my sweet friend!

Have a delightful Sunday everyone!!!

1 comment:

  1. My dear Diana!-)*

    I look forwaard for you new flowers!
    I know for really,really sure that you make one more fabulous creation,because around is beauty and spring and amazing nice feelings in the air!!!

    Much love and hugs,