I'm so inspired of my dear blog friend Sue from Sue Jack Designs gorgeous art that I couldn't resist to create something GREEN. And... I feel the spring breath in the air.  Finally isn't raining!!! Some of mine crocuses are blooming, but anyway I miss GREEN. I can't say that in Portugal is no green around, but the spring green and the old winter green they are two different things... So I'm following Mr. Spring and helping him greening. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Simply tuch of Spring,my dear Diana!!!-)*

    You sweet,lovely green creation is SO enchanted,SO fresh and I like it!-)))

    Thank you very,very much for the nice entroduse about you blog friend-amazing blog''Sue Jack Designs'' and I wil to folow this blog!-)***
    With love and care,


  2. Lovely earrings, Diana...my favorite shade of green....peridot! They definitely give you a hint of spring being in the air....
    And how kind of you to mention me in your beautiful blog...you put a huge smile on my face! It gives me immense pleasure to be surrounded by so many talented and genuinely caring people like you...life is good...

  3. Ola amiga,

    Ando em falta nos meus comentários, mas sempre que posso
    venho te visitar pra ver este cantinho lindo. Obrigada pela sua visita e pelo comentario querido. Um beijinho grande e bom fds.

  4. Oh Diana, it was such a pleasure having you visit my place today! Your sweet comment was a real day-maker! Thank you very much!

    I popped over and checked out your friend Sue Jack Designs, and can I just say you are BOTH talented, remarkable designers! Absolutely adore all your work!

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri