Treasure Chest and Happy Women's Day Ladies!!!

Do you celebrate International Women's Day?

I do. Seriously... For me, that's no about women's rights etc., but about To Be Just Woman... Not a wife, mother, daughter, sister, baby sitter, employer, employee, housewife or... OMG how many roles are we playing during our life?! To Be Just Woman that's about soul, about dreams, fantasies, wishes, expectations... everything without duties and "must do"... Everything The Woman loves, likes and needs.

For this 8 of March I decided to make a wonderful gift for myself - a Treasure Chest.

  This lovely wooden box from local craft store is:
1. After sanding, painted with Magnolia tone acrylic paint;
2. Decoupaged by printed tissue paper (the pictures are from greatest free Vintage picture source The Graphics Fairy and Shabby Chic papirskatter);
3. Embellished with hand painted Shantung silk roses, dusty pink lace, Swarovski flatback rhinestones, key charms and a fun charm;
4. Lined with velvet fabric from 1950's and golden trim.
As closure I used gorgeous Vintage heart stamping and as legs - I've attached Faceted Pink Quartz over sized beads.

Happy Women's Day Ladies!

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  1. Hello,dear Diana!-)*

    Such a gorgeous vintage box,really a beuty one!!!

    I celebrate The International womans day too,yes,because all my friends are from Russia and there is a great celebreting day!-)*

    All girls and womans got a many,many flowers and many lovely little gifts!!!

    I wish you,my dear friend also brightness,love and beautiful spring day not only to day,sure!-)*****************

    Many love and hugs,


  2. Sweet Diana, thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous creation with us! It's so lovely and delicate. Absolutely adore the rose and crystal embellishments! The velvet lining was a beautiful touch as well.

    Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Terri

  3. This is so beautiful! What great way to celebrate International Women's Day! Thanks for the nice comment you left me at my place. ~Marcy

  4. Very pretty! I love the sheet music and the birds together.

  5. Hi Diana,
    What a beautiful box!! So many pretty details, I especially like the silk Roses! Thank you so much for linking this one up to "Brag Monday".

  6. What a gorgeous makeover!

    Happy Met Monday!

  7. That looks great! I love the flowers, they add just the right amount of color!

  8. Your box and the embellishments are beautiful! I love the Graphics Fairy, I get lost looking at all the images on her site.

  9. This is beautiful! Happy belated International Women's Day!

  10. Diana this box is Gorgeous!!!! It's wonderful being a woman isn't it??? (Men can't make boxes like this!) teehee. Thank you so much for coming ocer and leaving your sweet comment. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over and say hi. I've been working obsessively on a new project and I'm only know coming up for air!! Take care and have a great week!

    My Desert Cottage