Belle... Polymer, Lucite, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, MOP rounds, Snow Jade, silver plate metal parts.

Today I have no more words.
Let's go to watch video and listen one of the most beautiful songs ever...




I'm enchanted by JACARANDA! These wonderful trees usually are blooming in May and then Lisbon sparkles of blue and purple-blue...

Because of my obsession of wonderful trees, I created "Enchanted" Vintage style Earrings and Bracelet.

Materials I've used for Earrings - Lucite, Brass, Copper plated over brass ear wires and natural freshwater Pearls.

In this asymmetrical vintage style bracelet I've used handmade by me Fimo polymer clay flower beads - large Ranunculus, about 1 1/2 inch in diameter, four Tulips and two Calla Lilies. There is plenty of Lucite flowers and Lucite leaf, my lovelies Swarovski crystal beads, Czech glass leaves, hearts and crackle beads, a few natural Amethyst rounds, Mauve freshwater Pearls, two mother of pearl shell rounds. As metal parts I've used jewelers Brass and Copper.
The bracelet is bold and chunky. And (of course) one-of-a-kind :)
All charms make nice sound when you move your hand!


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As I posted above, I'm participating in Vacation Cruise organized by my darling blog friend Colleen from ddna. Already we've visited The Netherlands, Italy, Canada and France. Oh, it's so nice to see what everyone shows about their country! :)

Today we have a stop in Portugal. That's my place! So let's go to see a bit of this beautiful country from mine point of view...

What do I really love about Portugal it's NATURE. 
The blue of Sky and Atlantic Ocean changes every time and we can see all tones of this wonderful color's palette...

And flowers!!! Actually they are blooming during all year... but, you are lucky to be here in Spring. In this period of the year they are the most beautiful. And fresh smell of Orange trees rising up throw the air...

Also you can visit The Lisbon Zoo - wonderful place especially if do you come with kiddo.

Did you know that Portuguese people are coffee lovers? Their favorite is Café Espresso, they go to the closest coffee shop a few times per day and almost never drink coffee at home. The cup is very small and coffee is very strong!

Portuguese like to meat friends out of their houses and usually they stay in a coffee shop. There they are watching Football games on TV, drinking bear and eating CARACÕIS (snails) - one of the favorite Portuguese dainty.  
Do you want to try? :)

Portuguese have their own music genre called FADO. The first records of this music was written in the early 19th century, but history says that roots of FADO can find much earlier. In the years of 1840s FADO appeared in Lisbon.
Through centuries Portuguese fadistas sing songs about their hard life, saudades (missing someone or something) and suffering...
On the video you can see one of the most popular Fado singer in nowadays - MARIZA

Portugal is famous with a painted, tin-glazed, Ceramic Tilework AZULEJO. You can find it everywhere - inside and outside, on walls, floors and even ceilings.  
Azulejos are great testimonials of Portuguese history. Like paintings on the walls of caves show us the life of the early civilization, Azulejos show the life of Portuguese people.

Oh boy... I'd show you more and more and more, but don't think you have enough patience to stay here so long :)
Fluffy and creamy custard tarts with some pinch of cinnamon... yummm... 
They bake these amazing cakes almost 200 years there, in Belém. The recipe is created in Monastery by Nuns and bakers are keeping it in big SECRET.

If you are so far away from Lisbon and want a cake here and now, you can get a recipe of Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes with Whipped Cream and Caramel Dressing. Today I'm guest blogger on ddna
  (thank you darling Colleen!!!) and there I've posted one. Also the recipe is available HERE

Voilá! Thats all for today. Can't wait were we will fly tomorrow...

Much love,


Romantic Garden Collection. Noele

I don't have a huge of patience to wait and show you a whole collection (it's unfinished) that's why I decided to share some parts with you...
Do you remember Mirabella and Maya? Maya is still waiting for the Earrings and I didn't show you any Shoe Clip yet, but... Ta-Da! Here is something new: Noele Earrings and Noele Ring.

Noele (in contradistinction to Maya and Mirabella) doesn't have a Necklace. It will be Bracelet! And Shoe Clip, of course :)
Materials I've used here: copper, polymer clay, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and hand dyed  natural tattered silk.


{P.S. Don't forget about VACATION!!!}


VACATION... Let's Go!

I'm going on VACATION cruise around the World.

It will look like that - my Physical Body stays where he is (at this moment Portugal), but my Heart, Soul, Spirit, Psyche etc. subtil substances fly away.

Also I've chosen my carriage...

What about you??? Do you come with me?

If are you ready to come, only one thing (ok, two:)) you've to do is to kick off your shoes and CLICK here:


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Mirabella is ready to go!

Mirabella of Romantic Garden Collection is finished. I've introduced you The Necklace some posts above and today I'm honored to show you the finished work, also The Ring and The Earrings.
Ok.. I'm  lying a bit :) Mirabella will have one more piece - a shoe clip... hope to show you soon.

Mirabella (like almost of my designs) is One-Of-A-Kind. That means I will never reproduced the same, upon a request I'd create something similar, but never equal.

And GOOD NEWS! I'm offering some REDUCTION for my dearest blog readers. While Mirabella is available on my Etsy Shop (without any time limit) YOU WILL GET 10% DISCOUNT* when buy The Necklace, Ring or Earrings.

*After payment I'll refund you 10% of amount (except the shipping price), just LET ME KNOW you've read this :)

Much Love


Romantic Garden Collection. Maya

"Maya " of Romantic Garden Collection has a light blue dress... Color of the Sky in a Spring.
Do you have observed the Sky in different seasons? In a Springtime we can see some warmness of blue and the Sky is much lighter! When Spring is going to Summer the Sky becomes a bit darker, seems deeper and a color gets some freshness - it's not more so soft and warm. In a Fall the Sky turns again warmer, as the Sun paints some honey hues on it... Winter comes with some gray coloring, but in sunny days the Sky is similar like in a Summer, just a little more dramatic :)

So what should I tell you about Maya?
The Necklace is made from five polymer clay beads and Vintage French scrunched rayon ribbon. Each bead is hand sculpted in several tones of blue. The beads arrange three blossoms and six flower buds each, as center of blossoms I've used Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones.

Maya also includes Ring and Earrings. The Ring is made of polymer clay floral cabochon attached on a adjustable metal ring base, but the Earrings I'll show you later :)

Some theories say that Blue color helps to heal some diseases, for example if do you have angina you'd put something blue on your neck and the Blue will take out all your pain...

Do you believe in the power of Color???



Vintage Treasures. Between Flowers and Butterflies

I'm still working at my Romantic Garden Collection (do you remember, I showed one piece of the Collection called Mirabella?). The Collection includes Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings made from unique hand sculpted polymer clay beads, light fabrics and ribbons; semiprecious gemstones; glass and Swarovski crystal elements; and several metals (sterling silver, brass, copper, gunmetal). I hope to introduce you soon :)
But... As I'm not able to do the same activity for long time I made one step aside to create a non-collection Bracelet. Here She is... Between Flowers and Butterflies!

What do you think about?

Love and Hugs