I'm enchanted by JACARANDA! These wonderful trees usually are blooming in May and then Lisbon sparkles of blue and purple-blue...

Because of my obsession of wonderful trees, I created "Enchanted" Vintage style Earrings and Bracelet.

Materials I've used for Earrings - Lucite, Brass, Copper plated over brass ear wires and natural freshwater Pearls.

In this asymmetrical vintage style bracelet I've used handmade by me Fimo polymer clay flower beads - large Ranunculus, about 1 1/2 inch in diameter, four Tulips and two Calla Lilies. There is plenty of Lucite flowers and Lucite leaf, my lovelies Swarovski crystal beads, Czech glass leaves, hearts and crackle beads, a few natural Amethyst rounds, Mauve freshwater Pearls, two mother of pearl shell rounds. As metal parts I've used jewelers Brass and Copper.
The bracelet is bold and chunky. And (of course) one-of-a-kind :)
All charms make nice sound when you move your hand!


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  1. These trees are absolutely gorgeous, as well as the earrings and bracelet that you made! Breathtaking!

    I am one who loves seeking and finding such beautiful looking trees also!

    Thank you so much for sharing these!


  2. OMG!!!-)*
    My lovely Diana,you are gorgeous talented,my dearest Friend!!!It's really true...

    You inspirational photos and one of the mostly beautiful braslets ever!
    I am under imprssion,under the real wonderful impression!
    You can SO unforgatteble being creative,Oooh!-)***
    These post of you makes my day,darling,tahnk you SO much,
    Many,many hugs and Love,

  3. Hello, My Friend!!!
    It was so nice to hear from you!
    I haven't blogged lately and it looks like your blog got a gorgeous new facelift! How fun.....
    I see you are still creating your beautiful floral pieces....they are so very lovely...never, never stop creating....you were born to do it!
    Take care...

  4. Beautiful trees..................wonderful necklace...................your blog is so fun !!!

    Enjoy your sunday............blessings and hugs Ria

  5. Lovely! I think it's so amazing what you used for inspiration.

  6. Oh my, I really really love your images of the blue blue blue trees. That blossom is amazing!
    Your earrings and necklaces are very beautiful, little artworks. Cannot wait to wear my new treasures, sweet friend.
    Have a marvelous new week. Happy Thoughts! xx

  7. Beautiful jacarandas and you have created some super mosiacs.
    Your jewellery is just amazing, too.
    Happy MM

  8. I love Jacaranda trees too! I did a post about them last year. The flowers on your jewels look just like the jacaranda flower.

    Best wishes,

  9. Hi, I just love your photos and your mosaics! You're very talented, I loveeee your gorgeous earrings and bracelet! I hope that you have a wonderful new week.

  10. I don't know what is more beautiful, the trees or your jewelry!

  11. The trees are so gorgeous...and your jewelry echoes that beauty!!!

  12. Beautiful mosaic, but your jewellery is stunning. I love it.

  13. Those trees are amazing! I can see where you took some inspiration from them for your lovely jewelry.

  14. I love the jacaranda tree - I remember these from my visits to Tenerife where my Mother lives. Thanks for sharing, I haven't seen them in a while. Greetings from Vancouver Island. Michelle

  15. Goodness Gracious Diana..your photographs are some of the loveliest I've ever seen! Stunningly beautiful! Your fabulous jewelry takes my breath each and every time you post a new piece!

    Blessings, Love & Friday Sunshine, Terri

  16. It's been ages since I visited and I'm so sorry for that Diana! When I saw the gorgeous images you included of the Jacaranda and your creations I just had to leave a comment on this posting. The color of the trees are absolutely heavenly, thank you so much for sharing them and the outcome of your inspiration is magnificent! Your creations are always breathless!


  17. Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse's Marketing Monday to say Hi! I AM A NEW FOLLOWER!