Mirabella is ready to go!

Mirabella of Romantic Garden Collection is finished. I've introduced you The Necklace some posts above and today I'm honored to show you the finished work, also The Ring and The Earrings.
Ok.. I'm  lying a bit :) Mirabella will have one more piece - a shoe clip... hope to show you soon.

Mirabella (like almost of my designs) is One-Of-A-Kind. That means I will never reproduced the same, upon a request I'd create something similar, but never equal.

And GOOD NEWS! I'm offering some REDUCTION for my dearest blog readers. While Mirabella is available on my Etsy Shop (without any time limit) YOU WILL GET 10% DISCOUNT* when buy The Necklace, Ring or Earrings.

*After payment I'll refund you 10% of amount (except the shipping price), just LET ME KNOW you've read this :)

Much Love


  1. A shoe clip? Seriously? You're genius, Diana!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous set Diana, really stunning! I've curious about the flowers, they look like polymer. When I created jewelry, one of my fav polymer artists was Zuda Gay. I would highly recommend her creations - you would make magic with them.

  3. Oh, Sharon, I know her art! Zuda Gay is very talented creator.
    Actually all polymer beads I make by myself. I like to know that each piece is really unique. Even I mix colors just for one project and if I want to reproduced some beads in a future, they will never be equal:)
    Unique, unrepeatable, incredibly precious - like everything we create with LOVE, is it?


  4. Ahh Diana, I was so very touched by your excitement over my newest composition. Thank you so much for your sweetness. I'm so lovin' your new jewelry pieces. The Romantic pieces hit me right where it hurts. I need to head over to your Etsy Shop and see if something I have my eye on is still available.

    I guess I should be restocking my shelves in my Etsy Shop. But I only made three sales last tax year, so this year I'm updating my Artist-Portfolio and have an alternative plan in the workings. Etsy is great, but I sure made more sales through the Gallery-System.

    Closing for now. I've written alot here today. I'm trying to make up for being missing in action for the past few days. I've been at the easel working on my newest. Suddenly I'm interested in Collage. Only I'm using Oils versus conventional papers. Hope to be able to give a quick peek to everyone soon!

    Blessings, Love and Wednesday Sunshine, Terri

  5. Hello,my sweet Diana!!!-)*

    I was two weeks away from my home and now I see that one breathtaking creation of you...

    You brings me always SO happy feeling,my dear fiend,because you make a relly beauty!!!-)*

    Love this colors and style!
    And wich Easter eggs being stronger:-)))*Laughing!-)))*

    Much Love,

  6. What a beautiful design! The fact that it is one of kind makes it ever so unique. Is there anything more spectacular than unique piece of jewelry?...Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me.