Romantic Garden Collection. Maya

"Maya " of Romantic Garden Collection has a light blue dress... Color of the Sky in a Spring.
Do you have observed the Sky in different seasons? In a Springtime we can see some warmness of blue and the Sky is much lighter! When Spring is going to Summer the Sky becomes a bit darker, seems deeper and a color gets some freshness - it's not more so soft and warm. In a Fall the Sky turns again warmer, as the Sun paints some honey hues on it... Winter comes with some gray coloring, but in sunny days the Sky is similar like in a Summer, just a little more dramatic :)

So what should I tell you about Maya?
The Necklace is made from five polymer clay beads and Vintage French scrunched rayon ribbon. Each bead is hand sculpted in several tones of blue. The beads arrange three blossoms and six flower buds each, as center of blossoms I've used Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones.

Maya also includes Ring and Earrings. The Ring is made of polymer clay floral cabochon attached on a adjustable metal ring base, but the Earrings I'll show you later :)

Some theories say that Blue color helps to heal some diseases, for example if do you have angina you'd put something blue on your neck and the Blue will take out all your pain...

Do you believe in the power of Color???


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  1. Yes! I do believe int he power of color! I love Maya! She is elegant, romantic and feminine. SO lovely!