Romantic Garden Collection. Noele

I don't have a huge of patience to wait and show you a whole collection (it's unfinished) that's why I decided to share some parts with you...
Do you remember Mirabella and Maya? Maya is still waiting for the Earrings and I didn't show you any Shoe Clip yet, but... Ta-Da! Here is something new: Noele Earrings and Noele Ring.

Noele (in contradistinction to Maya and Mirabella) doesn't have a Necklace. It will be Bracelet! And Shoe Clip, of course :)
Materials I've used here: copper, polymer clay, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and hand dyed  natural tattered silk.


{P.S. Don't forget about VACATION!!!}


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  1. Oh,my dear,lovely Diana!!!-)*

    You sweet and so cute new creation is really charmant,just LOVE this***

    And,oh Diana,darling!-)))*
    You breathtaking comment tuched me...you wrote in russia and sure,I am abig trevel lover too!
    I saw that you have on the sidebar the Netherland with a little red heart and that is me,thank you,my dearest!

    Aaaawww...It would be amazing whenever meeting each other,my dear friend!-)))*

    Love you thougths and you talented inspirations,

    Many hugs-''Obnimaiu''
    I have no russia tape board:-(

    Iskrenne,s Luboviu,yours,Violetta***