Dress Up Your Shoes!

Every woman has some romanticism in her soul. What do you think??? For some of us this part is very strong, for some of us just a little, someone thinks she doesn't have... But it's not true! Sometimes we keep our romantic nature behind the seven keys, because some day in a past we've learned we MUST be strong to survive in this world...

I'd like to show you some accessories belong to ROMANTICISM, Shoe Clips!

Shoe Clips are wonderful way to do makeover of your footwear. Simple, classic and pretty boring shoes turns out sexy and elegant with some touch of romanticism. Doesn't it?

These lovelies come from Romantic Garden Collection and they are made of vintage fabric and hand dyed tattered natural silk. The butterfly charm is copper.



  1. These shoe clips are so sweet. Off to check out your link... Hope you are having a wonderful week, Diana! xx

  2. Beautiful clips! You are so talented, I just love looking at your creations! :)

  3. Beautiful clips!!

    Have a wonderful evening hugs from Ria,...........

  4. Hi,my sweet Diana!-)))*

    Great idea,my dear friend,I like it and would like to try to do it... just now!:-)*

    You mind is very wake up and amazingly inspirational!!!

    My Love and hugs for you,