Thirsty Land

Have you ever feel like a thirsty land?
I do... Emotionally burned out. Such a terrible feeling! In the moments like that I feel absolutely dry... All of my Juice of Life is gone, me =  hard-baked mud... I'm thirsty. Thirsty of Life and everything the Life can give.
But, the period of dryness doesn't continue long. Just a short while and God gives us His helpful hand, drops of water we need so much is coming...

The Thirsty Land is younger sister of ArrĂ¡bida Bracelet I created last year.
It's not so often I make my jewelry pieces similar, but the combination of Copper and Turquoise don't let me be quiet :) So... the new Bracelet is done!
She's made of Copper Flowers, Copper beads and charms, glass Pearl beads and plenty of Swarovsky crystals and Organza fabric ribbon.

Tell me, please, what a kind of Water of Life you need at first when you're thirsty?


1 comment:

  1. Coper color and turqoise combination is beyound great,darling Diana!-)*

    I love these creation very much!
    And yes...the ''thirsty''feeling is indeed not realy pleasant,I know it!

    Always with Love,