Making iPhone Case for a Shoe Lover

For this project you will need:

1. clear iPhone case (on eBay $0.99 + free shipping)
2. black polymer clay
3. acrylic paint (I used turquoise, gold and silver)
4. distress embossing powder (optional)
5. glue (super glue gel or Crafter's Pick The Ultimate!)
6. Faber Castell black permanent marker
7. pasta machine 
8. craft knife
9. small ball tool
10. cocktail straw
11. paint brush
12. hairdryer or heat gun

1. Roll out black clay on the thickest setting on your pasta machine
2. Apply a thin coat of the gold acrylic paint and dry with a hairdryer or a heat gun. Do not overheat!
3. Dab over the silver paint, dry, then turquoise paint and dry completely
4. Roll out on your pasta machine on settings 1-2-3-4-5 and 6 (thickest to thinner)

5. Roll out another sheet of black clay on a very thin setting (on the Atlas machine it's 7 or even 8)
6. Cover the black clay with a sheet of colored clay. Avoid air bubbles! 

7. Flip the clay sheet to the other side and put on the plastic iPhone case upside down

8. Cut out the shape

9. Turn it around and draw a silhouette of a shoe with a very small ball tool 

10. Take a cocktail straw and make some circles

11. Sprinkle a little of black and grey distress embossing powder over the clay. This step is optional
12. Put it into the oven and fire for 30 min


13. Attach some color on the shoe to pop up a little

14. When the color is dry, take a marker and draw around the lines
15. Glue your creation on the plastic iPhone case



  1. Great done,Diana!!!
    Oh,my Goodness.....you are so very clever girl,fabulously nice work!:)))*